My name is Dhruvika. I enjoy pushing the boundaries of human engagement through digital experiences and product development. I'm also passionate about photography and styling.


What I do

I design great experiences through usable interfaces.

I make pixels look both beautiful and smart for the mobile, desktop and the web. I am also proud to practice usability in daily interactions and decision making. (..like my nail bar :D)


How I do it

By being empathic to the user, I understand their needs in order to create products that they don’t even know they desire, solutions that they have difficulty envisioning and in some cases, unlocking their old mindset.

I create personas, develop user stories — illustrating the user and audience. Then there’s the practical part — sketching out a storyboard, wire framing and user testing.


My Work

After having studied design from NICC, Bangalore in 2012, I chose to work as an Experience Designer with the talented team at Global Delight. Here is some of my best work for you to explore.

Say Hello.

Lets catch up, share experiences and exchange ideas.